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Month: July 2017

Benefits of Having Toddler Swimming Lessons

While many parents fear to put someone so young as their toddler in the swimming pool, it is perfectly safe if all the necessary safety precautions and gear are worn. Swimming has significant benefits, not only for an adult but a toddler too. Learning to swim as a child prepares the child for future experience and also promotes good health. Other than that, there are several other benefits expected from training your child to swim early, and listed below are the significant advantages.

Promotes better health

Planting in a bond with water in children promote a strong affection for water and gets them into an active cycle which is why toddler swimming lessons are beneficial for your kid. Swimming is a healthy cardiovascular exercise for the body, more importantly for children as they grow up. It helps them utilize the extra energy in them and burn off excess fat which is healthy for the overall health for your kid. Other than that, it helps in building stronger bones and muscles thereby promoting flexibility in a child.

Provide quality bonding time

Swimming with your toddler is an excellent bonding experience to have, for both you and your child. Child psychologists often tout the cooling effect of the water, the soothing environment, the tactile combination of your touch and that of the water, rendering itself as an excellent environment where parent and child can strengthen their bond. It is also a very soothing environment for the child as well, which means less stress for them. Babies who do go for swimming classes with their parents tend to cry less and are much more relaxed based on research.

Promotes confidence and motivation

Also, it avoids the formation of phobias, like hydrophobia, or any one of the associated fears of water and swimming. When toddlers associate water with their parents, with a fun filled activity and love, then they will enjoy swimming and will be able to enjoy a full social life as they progress on to their later years. Phobias and fears are formed within the subconscious mind of a child with events that are related to trauma and mental association.

Fun and enjoyment

Swimming instructors, especially baby swimming instructors always have advocated early lessons, and this is because it allows them to form a natural affinity for the water. After all, swimming is a large part of a modern child and adults life as a kind of social activity and a sort of exercise as well. When a toddler is introduced to the water and bonds to it, it never leaves the mind. Swimming then becomes a fun filled activity, and it is no longer a routine. Hence, this makes your child look forward to going swimming having in mind the enjoyment they will get from splashing the water.

Self-confidence and life skills

Other than your child having fun from visiting a swimming pool, you will note a change in your toddler’s confidence and life skills especially once the child manages to swim with no assistance. Being able to swim by oneself enables your kids to know that they can manage their activities without help thereby making them more confident in what they do. Other than that, when a child can set goals in the swimming experience, this prepares them to set their own future goals.

The above are the key benefits you should expect by taking your kid for toddler swimming lessons from However, always remember that you should not leave your child to access pools of water without a caretaker. Hence, make sure that you choose a training facility that caters for the safety of your toddler, and ensure that child’s swimming instructor is a certified one.

Selecting Right Trans Epi Lasik Surgery

Trans Epi Lasik is a surgical procedure in which vision correction is done, however, there is no use of mechanical blade or laser because there is no need for the creation of a corneal flap. The procedure involves the removal of the eye’s top layer which is called epithelium very cautiously and smoothly. Vision correction is then done right after the removal of the epithelium. The layer is replaced with therapeutic contact lenses in order to speed up the healing and also protect the eyes.

Selecting the right Trans Epi Lasik surgery involves weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of the various surgical procedures and choosing the best from them.

First, the surgical procedure must be safe for the patient and the complications that arise from it should be rare if none. For example, the patient doesn’t get flap complications or dry eye syndrome. This helps in selecting the safest safe surgical procedure and that the patient does not get postoperative or other long-term complications.

The procedure should as well ensure the patient’s comfort through avoiding such discomforts like itchiness. Depending on the patient’s lifestyle and career, they must know that some surgical procedures take longer to heal compared to others, hence one should choose what suits them the most and gives them good and excellent vision correction.

The patient must also ensure that they know their corneal thickness, shape and pre-existing eye conditions. This helps them select the best surgery from  that is suitable for their eyes. In addition to that, the patient must also make some decision such as if they want their eye’s top layer removed, whether they want a corneal flap or whether you want dry eyes as some surgeries leave the patient with dry eyes. After looking through such factors keenly, the patient can then decide what surgery suits their eyes and their lifestyle.