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Month: August 2016

How To Choose The Best Venue For Your Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can be a great deal of work and responsibility. There are a variety of details that need to be taken care of. The thing that you need to do is find a venue. You don’t want to book the very first event venue that you find. There are a few things that you need to take into consideration.


It is a good idea to be cost-conscious. If you keep the venue cost down, you can spend more money on the food, beverages, and entertainment. If you can be flexible on the date of the event, it can help when you are negotiating a price.


The location of the venue is very important. If you are expecting people from out of town to attend the event, you should look into a hotel venue. This will make it easy for the out of town guests to get to the event easily. You want to choose a place that is in close proximity to the airport. The less traveling that the out of town guests need to do, the better. A hotel that is close to public transportation is good for guests who want to leave the hotel and go sightseeing after the event. You should also look into the parking situation at the venue. It should have ample parking, and if necessary, shuttle service.

Services and Amenities

There are specific services and amenities that you should look for. The first thing that you should find out is if the venue has a kitchen and if they can provide the food for your event. If not, you would need to hire a separate caterer. You should also look for a venue who will provide the tables, chairs, and linens. If they do, it will save you a great deal of time and money. It is also a good idea to use a venue who has a setup and breakdown crew. If they don’t you would need to get a group together who is willing to donate their time and energy. It is much easier if the venue will do it for you. Finally, you need to find out if the venue provides the audio-visual equipment. You will likely need a microphone, speakers, and in some cases, a projector and a screen. If you need to bring your own, it will create more work and it would be an additional expense.

What is the Venue’s Capacity

Before you choose a corporate venue Singapore, you need to figure out how many people will be attending the event. After you have a headcount, you can find a venue. You want to make sure that the number of people attending your event is less than the number of people allowed in the room. There are safety and fire codes that you need to abide by.

If you keep all of these things in mind before you book a venue, you should be able to find the perfect place for your corporate event.

Watertight Doors: Safety Onboard Marine Vessels

Watertight doors are specifically designed to keep water out. Aboard ships, these specially engineered doors prevent the admission of water flowing from one compartment to another compartment. This form of tragedy can happen in the events of a flood or other unfortunate accident.

Onboard ships, watertight doors are specifically placed in the areas where high chances of flooding may occur. For example, the engine room compartment, if it flooded, a lot of damage would occur. The doors are designed to sustain a large head of water pressure coming from both sides of the door. There are multiple styles of watertight doors, below the waterline, the doors typically are sliding doors, horizontally or vertically. On deck, watertight doors look like a huge safe like apparatus with many latching dogs around its perimeter.

There are three main categories of watertight doors from Pandelta in the marine industry. This is to ensure the safety of the ship crew.

Type A – Doors are always open, only to be closed during an emergency.

Type B – Doors are closed, only to be opened when ship personnel is in the adjoining compartment.

Type C – This door is to remain closed at all times, only to open to allow ship personnel to pass through and only remains open for a specific amount of time.

Daily drills are performed on the watertight ships aboard marine vessels. The ship personnel must always ensure that the watertight doors are in perfect working condition. Besides the necessary daily drills, routine maintenance is also a huge factor in maintaining the upkeep of the watertight doors. The door maintenance consists of not only making sure the doors are properly working but that all the operating mechanisms are working how they should. Make sure all watertight door mechanisms are tightly sealed, no leaks, not worn, greased and oiled, free of obstruction, etc.

Keeping the marine vessel’s watertight doors running and in perfect operating condition is necessary for the safety of the ship’s entire crew. Watertight doors play a significant role in the design of the ship. Extreme steps should be taken to maintain the care of these doors, they are of great value to the life of the ship’s crew and the ship’s other passengers. Watertight doors are specially engineered to keep the crew safe in the case of an emergency.