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Month: November 2015

What, Exactly, is Healthy Food?

Many people say you should eat healthy food, but what exactly does that mean? To some, it means a lot of fruits and vegetables with good sized portions of fiber. To others, it means avoiding all sugars and salts that don’t occur naturally in food. Some believes it means to read every label to know what is in it is so that ‘bad’ foods can be kept to a minimum. So what is healthy food really? Healthy food is quite simply food that will increase your health. Since your body changes over your life time, so should your food.

Some foods, like milk, have dietary guidelines from nutritionists that are fairly universal, and they change depending on how old a person is or at what stage of life they are in. For example, young children over the age of one year old, pregnant or lactating women, and pre- and post-menopausal women are told to drink more milk than the rest of the population. Foods containing folic acid, such as oranges and orange juice, are also recommended at higher portions or quantities for pregnant women because it has been proven to prevent some birth defects.

If you are interested in building more muscle, you should increase the amount of protein. This doesn’t mean meat, necessarily, but protein from plant sources is also just as beneficial an healthy to the body. Plant sources of protein also contain less fat than meat, so if you are trying to lose fatty tissue while increasing muscle, protein from plants should to be your healthy food of choice. They have found, though, that you do not have to eat all of the amino acid-containing food at the same meal to get the benefits from it, but during the same 36-48 hour period is adequate. Your body doesn’t flush it all out in 8 hours like was previously thought.

If you are only trying to lose weight and aren’t concerned with increasing muscle mass, then eating a balanced diet of a bit of everything should be good. Avoid foods that have a lot of processing involved in their manufacture is always great advice. We don’t need chemicals in our food. Make simple changes over time, such as increasing more whole grains in your diet, read and research dietary advice, don’t just buy supplements that might not work without really researching their ingredients, and pay attention to your body. If you change your diet and your body reacts badly to it, listen to it. Your body knows what it needs to stay healthy, and it will try to stay healthy. Remember, healthy food is what keeps you healthy and fit, not just what someone says is healthy, #YOLO.

Why Flowers are Always the Perfect Gift

Flowers have been given as gifts for hundreds of years, and different varieties of flowers have come to symbolize different things. For instance, roses and azaleas are flowers closely associated with love and passion, while cherry blossoms represent new beginnings. No matter what the occasion, it’s easy to send a message just by picking certain types of blooms to give.

Weddings, proms, anniversaries, and first dates rarely go by without flowers being present. Weddings in particular are usually designed around the type of flowers the bride chooses for her bouquet and decorations, while established couples may have a particular flower which is special to them or reminds them of memorable life events.

Giving Flowers In Remembrance

Flowers are ideal gifts for somber occasions, for those grieving a loss, or going through health issues and illness. Hospitals are known for having selections of flowers ready for giving because they are an affordable, healthy way for people to show that they care. Receiving flowers can also provide a nice mood boost and help people feel that they are loved. During funerals and wakes, flowers are often given to provide comfort to family members left behind or to honor those who have passed.

Gifts for Friends, Holidays, and Casual Events

During happier times, flowers make wonderful gifts during the holidays. The poinsettia is commonly given during the Christmas season, and Lily of the Valley is often gifted for Easter. Mother’s Day is marked by bouquets of carnations, which is one of the most popular flowers given on the holiday. Even housewarming parties are made more cheerful with a bouquet of flowers gifted to the new homeowners.

When one isn’t quite sure of what a host and hostess would like, flowers are a gift that is usually well received and much appreciated. Flowers are also a suitable gift for giving to the host of a dinner party, birthdays, teacher and secretary appreciation days, celebrating the birth or adoption of a new child, and to thank clients.