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Month: September 2015

Inert Gas – What, Where & The How

An inert gas is one that that does not react with other elements. On a periodic table of elements they are noble gasses which have full valence electron shells which means that they will not react. This non-reactive nature is why they act inert.

They are used when chemical reactions are not wanted, which helps when for example, the user does not want degradation. Inert gasses are specifically used on crude oil carriers. On oil carriers they use flue gas systems or have a dedicated inert gas generator.

The inert gasses are used to make sure cargo does not explode. Also the inert gas can be used to clear the tank of a volatile atmosphere to replace the atmosphere with breathable air. The flue gas system utilizes a boiler exhaust as a source to help create inert gas. The main components for these systems are an exhaust gas source (inert gas is taken from it), isolating value (to server as a supply valve), a scrubbing tower (cleans the gas of soot), gas blower (turbine which drives the gas), regulating valve (controls variation and overheating of the blower fan), deck seal (stop the gas to return from where it came from), sometimes there is a mechanical non-return valve in addition to the deck seal, deck isolating valve (fully isolates the engine room), pressure vacuum, (helps control the pressurization of cargo tanks), cargo isolating valves (controls the flow of inert gas to make sure that the flow is proper), and mast riser (maintains a positive pressure value of inert gas to avoid pressurization of the cargo tank). As you can see there are many precautions to make sure that the system is functioning properly.

Here are some types of ships that require an IG system onboard:

  • Product tanker
  • LNG
  • LPG
  • OSV
  • Pure chemical tanker
  • FPSO
  • FSO
  • Petroleum product barges
  • Reefers, Crude oil tankers
  • Chemical product tankers

These ships all require an inert gas system to prevent explosion in cargo spaces (nitrogen solutions or other combustible solutions need IG systems).

The Glass Door With A Panoramic View

Businesses and residences that are looking for a modern approach to design will be interested in the frameless sliding glass door. It has become a popular addition to today’s decor.

The Door With The Clean, Sleek Look

A frameless sliding glass door operates on the same principle as a regular sliding glass door, with one large exception: there is no metal frame to detract from the view of the door. The door hangs from a simple track system at the top, instead of inserting into a track at the floor. The door itself consists of glass panels that are not encased.

This makes it an ideal door to place between interior rooms, such as inside a mall, as a business store front, or even in a modern apartment. Since there is no metal extrusion in the floor, there is no extra hardware to worry about.

A Shower Of Natural Light

Recent research shows that employees work better in an office that has an open design. This is particularly true of offices where a high degree of creativity is required. Allowing employees to be able to gaze out of a window at natural scenery helps with creative thinking.

The frameless sliding glass door permits a measure of privacy while letting natural light into a room. In addition, since the glass panels are not separated by framing, they present a very large, uninhibited panoramic view.

Frameless glass doors can enhance the size of a room. If the room is small, the doors tend to heighten its appearance. They can also be used to add depth to a room, by presenting a continuous flow of floorspace between the room and others around it.

A Rich, Chic Appearance

Many of today’s businesses are making use of glass in their interior furniture and d√©cor because of its crystalline appearance. Paired with fine fabrics, gold edging and tasteful art, the total presentation made to customers and other businesses is one of extravagance.

A frameless sliding glass door offers the same appeal. It can be combined successfully with virtually any modern office or home design.