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Month: August 2015

Wonder of Company Secretary

Without a company secretary to carry out the functions of an office environment, the average business would fail. A company secretary is responsible for sending out important documents, including email correspondence. If the owner is out of town, or out of commission, the secretary has to keep the business going, through effective communication.

The secretary takes notes, set- up appointments, get accurate contact information on business partners, and associates, in addition to sending out reminders of upcoming business meetings and conferences. The company secretary ensures that everyone is kept up to date on company changes, upcoming training, and changes in management.

If any paperwork needs to be signed at the administrative level, the company secretary is qualified to proceed. The secretary might also be a public notary, which saves the company money on outsourcing this service. The secretary works under the direction and guidance of the director, with the main responsibility being to oversee the daily administration of the company. This includes; maintaining company records, securing company documents, organizing and preparing business schedules, and taking minutes at meetings.

The Greatest Conundrum Ever

Such inertia washes over people when they think of how hard they work for their money, and then how near equally hard it is to figure out what to do with it. Some would call this the greatest conundrum ever, and rightfully so as it is a daunting task. This is why banks are chock full of dollars that are not even garnering enough of a return to beat inflation. As adjusted for taxes, the returns are abysmally low and warranting a loss on every dollar.

The thing is people perceive money sitting in a bank as safe, but the fact is you have to really examine what safe actually means. If safe means it is here today, then yes, the bank is the place to have it. The problem with this is your dollars are slowly eroding if they are not beating inflation, and few people can really grasp this notion.

Asset management is earning your money, and finding appropriate investment vehicles so as to help you hedge inflation. There also needs to be some risk-taking measures, and a financial consultation will help you arrive at your comfort zone on risk. The bottom line is if a person is not managing their money, and making sure to, at the very least, hedge inflation, then they are losing money on every dollar.

Most financial markets outperform every other investment vehicle over time. That being said, if a runner is comfortable wearing the shoes and apparel of a certain athletic company, feeling that they get good mileage out of their products, then it would stand to reason this person might want to investigate if that company is publicly traded, and buy some shares of stock.

People will drive their expensive luxury cars to the local filling station, and motor off without ever thinking about how, if that company is publicly traded, and if they bought some shares of stock in that oil company, the dividends alone could deflect the cost of gas, or perhaps pay for it entirely depending on the amount of the investment. These are pragmatic ways of approaching asset management for the neophyte. It does not have to be hard, or confusing, but it absolutely needs to get done.

Learning to manage assets, often times with the help of an advisor, are very prudent steps to take to both beat inflation, and thereby preserve the value of your dollars, and to ensure a comfortable retirement. Asset management is really about making sure you do enough investing and risk-taking when you are actively earning, so as to keep you comfortable when you can no longer earn.

Cecil the Lion and Big Game Hunting

Cecil the Lion brings big game hunting to mainstream media. He was killed by a dentist from Florida named Walter Palmer. After being shot with an arrow he was left to walk around wounded. Forty hours later Cecil was shot with a rifle and killed. Walter Palmer took a picture sitting near Cecil’s corpse. Later he took Cecil’s head as a trophy which sparked outrage amongst the public. Cecil was lured from the national park where he was protected from big game hunters.

Big game hunting has been a way to draw revenue from hunters looking to hunt in Africa. Places like Zimbabwe use big game hunting for state revenue. The hunters have to pay a large fee for the permit to hunt. Hunters in Zimbabwe cannot hunt within the national park where lions and other animals are protected. Other African countries have different laws on big game hunting.

The weapons that the hunter use are bows, crossbows, shotguns double shotgun, and higher caliber bullets than their North American counterparts. Bolt-action rifles are also very popular among big game hunting in Africa. Cecil was killed with two of these methods the crossbow and rifle. Big game hunters in Africa hunt elephants and other large animals.

Big game hunters who went to Africa to hunt include Ernest Hemingway Frank “Bunny” Allen was his guide. They hunted in Kenya. Theodore Roosevelt hunted in Africa after his terms as the president of the United States. Bali Mauladad was the first not white big game hunter. Big game hunting was normalized back then and a show of wealth now in the modern age animal rights activists question the practice.

Economically wise big game hunting can help African countries but only the rich and the government benefit from the industry. Foreigners hunting in Africa can do some good. They can kill the animals who attacked and/ or killed villagers. The Tsavo Man-Eaters are an example of that. The Tsavo Man-Eaters were lions near the Kenyan-Uganda railway that killed the Indian construction workers. John Henry Patterson hunted the lions. There was no reason to kill Cecil. He did not cause any harm to the nearby villages and was used to being around humans. Walter Palmer killed Cecil so he could use his head as a trophy.

Cecil the Lion was not like the Tsavo Man-Eaters. The man-eaters were two male lions with no maim who were nameless. Cecil was a beloved lion by tourists. He was used to humans while the other lions were used to seeing human corpses near the Tsavo river from slave caravans. John Henry Patterson hunted the lions so they did not kill anyone else while Walter Palmer just wanted a trophy, a head of a lion. Big game hunting is a gray area. It is not black and white nor good or bad. It depends on the situation.

Facts about Water Well Screens

A well screen is an extremely important piece of equipment. This piece of hardward is a filtering device that will serve as an intake portion for wells that are constructed in different aquifers. In a nutshell, the most important job of a water well screen is to permit water to enter the well from the aquifer but also filters out sediment from entering the well. Another important purpose of a well screen is to structurally support the aquifer. Obviously a water well screen is a piece of equipment that is very useful to the own an aquifer because it serves as a buffer against the aquifer becoming inefficient and expensive to use.

Well screens can run the gamut insofar as types can go. Some of them are simple, home-made jobs that appear rather crude looking; whereas many of the better ones actually consist of durable, expensive and long-lasting materials made with a machine and mass produced. Obviously the value of a well fully depends on the usefulness it has for the well. Even the best well screens will be completely valueless if they fail at doing the job they are designed for. If it performs well, a water well screen can be literally worth its weight in gold. How do you tell whether a water screen is performing well? There are several criteria, including the following:

  1. The water well has a solid non clogging apparatus.

In order for it to perform well, the water appartus must have a solid non clogging method in place. The reason is because if it were to clog it would not be as effective at filtering the water as it would be if it were unclogged.

  1. The water well is resistant to corrosion.

When corrosion exists, it is only a matter of time before the whole entire product will fail.

  1. The water well is able to thoroughly control sand pumping in all types of aquifers.

Finally, there must be a degree of versatility to the functioning of the water well. It must be able to control sand pumping in all types of aquifers.

An effective water well will keep the water that it pumped clean and free of debris. If the water well is performing correctly and is well-maintained then the water will be free from pH and dissolved solids. If the water pumped through your well is beginning to develop a strange taste, odor or stain, then it might be time to call a water well technician.

“Dallas Buyers Club” Lawsuit

In 2013, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, and Jared Leto starred in “Dallas Buyers Club,” a movie set in 1985 Dallas, Texas about an electrician who helps an AIDS patient. The movie quickly became a hit and won multiple Oscars at the 2014 Academy Awards. Millions of people watched it and due to its popularity many more people wanted to see it. Several people decided they did not want to pay for the movie, so they downloaded it illegally online.

With all of the technology available today, illegal downloading is almost guaranteed to happen with any movie, regardless of its popularity. Because of “Dallas Buyers Club” popularity, though, the problem of piracy was especially bad with this movie. Tens of thousands of copies of it were downloaded around the world by tens of thousands of people who had not purchased the movie. Dallas Buyers Club LLC has filed lawsuits against many of the people who have pirated the movie.

Using various internet service provider companies, Dallas Buyers Club LLC was able to get the names, addresses, and other information about the people who had downloaded the movie. Dallas Buyers Club LLC is seeking compensation for movies that were illegally downloaded all over the world. The company has sent letters, emails, and other forms of the communication to addresses in multiple countries in hopes of being compensated for the thousands of movies for which they never received payment. Some law firms are insisting that Dallas Buyers Club LLC overstepped their legal boundaries in obtaining this information and therefore have no right to demand monetary compensation from the people who pirated the movie. Dallas Buyers Club LLC, however, denies allegations that they received the information illegally. There are also concerns about some people being fined more because of their income, although Dallas Buyers Club LLC denies this allegation as well. Thus, getting a Dallas Buyers Club lawyer is essential. Someone who is familiar with commercial law, infringement and copyright matters.

It is still unclear what the final outcome will be regarding the online piracy charges, but each case must be taken on an individual basis, so proceedings may take several months. Regardless of what the outcome of this legal battle is, the makers of “Dallas Buyers Club” hope that online piracy will end and that people who would like to watch movies will be able to purchase them legally.